• I accept this charge through payment link and I understand that all services provided are non-refundable, no matter that, tickets are used or not.

  • This payment link is valid for 10 minutes, if you do not proceed with payment within this period of time the system automatically cancels the reservation. CM AIRLINES will not be responsible for any cancelled space.

  • I accept all responsibility stating that the agent of the company CM AIRLINES has explained to me clearly and explicitly how the method of purchase works through this payment link. I was also explained what would happen if no payment is done within next 10 minutes after receiving it.  I accept to pay the full amount shown in this payment link, stating that the agent explained the cost for each ticket, payment of penalties, change of name or transactions I requested.

  • Once payment has been done using this link, you must call the Airline Contact Center at +504 2290 1800, ask to speak with the agent who attended you and provide the ticket reservation code (it appears in the description of the payment link) so the agent proceed to emit and send it to your mail a copy of the travel itinerary and the corresponding receipt.

  • If you do not call the Contact Center once you have made the payment, the agent will not proceed to issue the tickets, or make the corresponding changes; therefore, we are not responsible for booking cancellations.

  • Therefore, I release CM AIRLINES from any past, present and future liability for non-compliance with my part of the aforementioned and traveler’s responsibilities that have been explained to me in compliance with article 22 of the Consumer Protection Law, without excluding any other.